“I have found the DC PACE program to be a useful addition to our available financing options, especially for non-profit organizations. Program results have been excellent.”
Thomas Nida
EVP and Market Executive, City First Bank


The DC PACE program is an open market, where any qualified lender can become involved in funding PACE projects, and property owners are free to work with the eligible lender of their choosing. For lenders, PACE is a secure impact investment opportunity and a tool to reach a diverse range of customers.

Capital providers interested in financing DC PACE projects should contact us to learn more and start the formal registration process. Registered capital providers can engage with the program in two ways:

  1. Work directly with developers and building owners to underwrite projects and their application to the DC PACE program.
  2. Notify the program administrator that you are interested in reviewing qualified projects that do not have a selected capital provider. In many cases, property owners may apply for DC PACE financing without a pre-selected capital provider associated. In this case, the program administrator will provide a project overview package to capital providers who have indicated their desire to review and respond to such opportunities.

Are you a property owner looking for a PACE capital provider? View our list of registered capital providers, or contact us and we'll help find a lender who meets your needs.


Capital Provider Registration Form: Become an official part of the DC PACE program by registering.

Draft DC PACE Standard Offer for Capital Providers: Learn more about how the DC PACE program works, along with rules of the road for capital providers, document templates, and more. This document is not final and is subject to change. It is provided as a draft for background purposes only, and may not be relied upon for legal guidance.
DC PACE Program Guidelines: Detailed information on project eligibility and processes.

More resources for capital providers