“DC PACE helped educate our client and structured financing to close the project.”
Paul Orentas and Daron Coates


  • Offer 100% up-front financing with no money down
  • Design comprehensive, immediately cash flow positive projects
  • Gain access to more potential customers

The biggest barrier to converting leads to deals for energy upgrades is a building owner’s lack of capital. DC PACE solves this. By allowing a property owner to access 100% up-front financing for up to 20 years, deeper energy efficiency and clean energy improvements are now affordable to your clients.

With no money down financing at 20-year terms, PACE makes it possible to install big ticket items such as solar panels or new chillers and be cash flow positive in year one. DC PACE allows buildings owners to go beyond the ‘low hanging fruit’ and go deeper while increasing their bottom line.

Contractors can register with the DC PACE program to help manage energy retrofit projects according to PACE underwriting standards, and support DC PACE financing applications. Register to become a DC PACE Registered Service Provider today.


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